Kimberley Warm Springs



If you’re seeking an indulgent and beautiful attraction that is hardly known by other tourists, Kimberley Warm Springs is for you. This geothermal feature is the result of water surging upward from at least 350m below the surface, into a pool approximately 20m by 13m in size and about 1.2 metres deep. The site includes a sheltered BBQ, public toilet and car parking. Water from the springs remains at a constant temperature of 24–-25 degrees Celsius. The water's chemical composition suggests it gains its heat from hotter sub-surface materials. The dissolved solids content is fairly low and contains mainly bicarbonate and calcium ions. The clearance of shading vegetation has led to excessive algal growth, which is periodically removed as it covers the naturally sandy bottom of the spring. The spring is home to an endemic snail and an algae (Pithophora spp.) not previously recorded south of Sydney.

Hours: Open all hours


Follow the B13 (Railton Rd) to Kimberley. Turn north onto Morrison St, then onto Warm Springs Road.