Devils Gate dam

The Devil’s Gate Dam was constructed in 1969 and forms Lake Barrington. The dam is part of the Mersey–Forth scheme that comprises eight hydroelectric power stations, the Devils Gate Power Station is the sixth station in the scheme and was commissioned in 1971, with a generating capacity of 63 megawatts. The dam wall is 84 metres (276 ft) high. It is one of the thinnest concrete arch dams in the world. Today, the dam, and Lake Barrington, provide the venue for recreational pursuits such as waterskiing, fishing, rowing, swimming, walking and the more adventurous even abseil down the vertical dam wall. There is a basic picnic ground at the dam, accessible via Barrington on the B14 from Devonport, then via Devils Gate Rd. The picnic ground hosts a picnic table but no shelter, and is surrounded by stunning cliffs, eucalypt forest, and is frequently visited by local wildlife.



Devils Gate Rd Barrington, Tasmania, 7316, Australia