Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. Kentish Visitor Information Centre acts as the non-exclusive agent for the supply of goods and/or services by its members.

  2. By making your booking you acknowledge and agree that KVIC is acting as the agent for the supplier of the goods or services and that any dispute which you may have in relation to that booking shall be directed to the supplier and not to the Association.

  3. KVIC warrants that it is authorised to make bookings and to receive moneys and other deposits on behalf of its members.

  4. It remains the responsibility of every person making a booking through KVIC to verify for himself or herself the accuracy of the information provided by KVIC on behalf of its members.

  5. For all bookings, whilst we provide a Free Booking Service, cancellations of confirmed bookings (where payment has been made) will attract a AUD$22.00 (inc. GST) administration fee in addition to the Cancellation Fee of the Service Provider/Operator. We reserve the right to offer alternative accommodation/tour of a similar standard in the case of the accommodation/tour operator overbooking their property or for any reason beyond our control. Please view the operator's cancellation and indemnity policy before paying for your booking.

  6. KVIC shall not be responsible to any person for double bookings or over bookings for any facilities or services booked through KVIC.

  7. All bookings made through KVIC are expressly made subject to the disclaimer published on KVIC’s website the terms of which are deemed incorporated herein. It shall be the responsibility of all persons making bookings through KVIC to be aware of and agree to the terms and conditions of that disclaimer. Any person who does not have ready access to the internet should contact KVIC prior to confirming the booking and a copy of the disclaimer will be provided to them.