Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

The spectacular World Heritage Area guarantees wildlife such as wombats, pademelons and currawongs, echidnas and quolls in the serenity of silent isolation amid ancient alpine trees. Cradle Mountain is not just a place to get away from it, it’s a place to get into it – where you can leap off waterfalls, kayak to isolated myrtle forest, ride a horse through alpine wilderness, or walk for a while … or for days. You can visit a Tassie Devil wildlife sanctuary, take a scenic helicopter ride, see award-winning art galleries, or spend a snowy winter’s day sipping cognac by a fireplace in a cosy lodge as you gaze at the winter wonderland outside.

Accessing Cradle Mountain N.P:

Cradle Mountain National Park is located 60kms (1 hour) from Sheffield, 146kms (2 hours) from Launceston Airport and 135kms (1hr 45mins) from Strahan.

Public transport is limited to Cradle Mountain. Private operators that run a shuttle service are:

Cradle Coast Tours -

Cradle Mountain Coaches -

McDermott's Coaches -

Overland Track Transport -


Transit through the park:

Shuttle Bus - The national park is best accessed by Shuttle Bus. The shuttle bus runs every 10-15 minutes stopping at the Visitor Information Centre, Interpretation Centre/Ranger Station, Snake Hill, Ronny Creek (Waldheim) and Dove Lake

​Fees apply to use the Cradle Mountain shuttle bus for adults 18 years and over. Shuttle bus tickets can be purchased at the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre. Options include;

 A 24 hour shuttle bus ticket - Included in the cost of a Cradle Mountain Day Park Pass.

A 72 hour shuttle bus ticket - $15.00 per adult.

An annual shuttle bus pass - $45.00 per adult. ​
Cradle Mountain shuttle bus tickets are not transferrable and must be used in conjunction with a valid parks pass.

Walking - The Cradle Valley Boardwalk runs from the Interpretation Centre along the Dove River to Dove Lake. It is a pleasant 3 hour walk along the boardwalk with the final section being gravel. There is an option to utilise the shuttle bus for sections of this walk to complete in a shorter time.

Private Vehicle - Access to the National Park is prohibited to caravans, campervans and camper trailers. Entrance to cars is permitted but may be restricted during busy times by a boom gate at the entrance. The road from the park entrance to Dove Lake is a narrow, windy road.


Short Walk Options:

Enchanted Walk - 20min circuit, departs from Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. A perfect walk for young families.

King Billy Walk - 30min circuit, departs from Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. A section of rainforest featuring very large and old King Billy Pines.

Knyvet Falls - 45min return, departs opposite Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. A board walk leads down to the base of the Pencil Pine Falls and up to the top of Knyvet Falls.

Pencil Pine Falls and Rainforest Walk - 10mins circuit, departs from the Interpretation Centre. A short wheelchair accessible circuit through mature pencil pine/myrtle rainforest. The walk overlooks Pencil Pine Falls.

Weindorfer's Forest Walk - 20min circuit, departs from Waldheim Chalet. This lovely stroll takes you through a beautiful rainforest, where you’ll see ancient king billy pines, pandani and the deciduous beech (fagus).

Ronny Creek to Dove Lake (via Lake Lilla) - 1 hour, departs from the Ronny Creek Car Park. The 3km boardwalk / gravel track travels across buttongrass moorland. Some sections can be wet underfoot. You can often see wombats grazing close to the track

Dove Lake Circuit - 2 hour circuit departing from the Dove Lake Car Park. Best walked in a clockwise direction, this 6km circuit is Cradle’s most popular walk – suitable for all ages. The track weaves its way through rainforest and past quartzite beaches. If you haven’t time for the whole circuit, Glacier Rock is a 10 minute stroll to the east, while the historic boatshed is 10 minutes to the west.


Longer Walks:

For walks longer than 3 hours and overnight walks to higher altitudes the publication Çradle Mountain Day Walks Map and Notes' is available for purchase from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Information Centre.

Cradle Valley Boardwalk - 3 hours one way to Dove Lake, departs from the Interpretation Centre. The 5.5km boardwalk meanders beside Dove River, linking the Interpretation Centre with Ronny Creek, with lovely views of Cradle Mountain along the way. Cables and pipes beneath the timber decking deliver power and phone services into Cradle Valley and pump sewage and wastewater out of the valley

Marions Lookout (via Crater Lake) - 3 hours return, departs from the Ronny Creek Car Park or the Dove Lake Car Park. There are two recommended approaches – from Ronny Creek via Crater Falls, or from Dove Lake carpark via Lake Lilla/Wombat Pool. Both routes take around the same time (3 hours return). It’s best to avoid the alternate route from the Dove Lake carpark (Marions Lookout Link Track), which is more direct, however very rough and steep.

Overland Track - From 1 October - 31 May all walkers must book in advance before undertaking this walk. The walk runs from North to South, Cradle Mountain to Lake Sr Clair. To make a booking for the Overland Track click here.

For more information on any walks, access or costs click here.


Cradle Mountain Walks: 


Cradle Mountain Walks