Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Food and Wine

The world is starting to discover what locals have known for generations. The rich volcanic soils and the cleanest rain in the world, on the North-West Coast of Tasmania, produces the finest food and wine experienced anywhere.

Kentish hosts award-winning vineyards such as Barringwood, Lake Barrington, White Rock and Wilmot Hills, multi-award winning Seven Sheds Brewery, the Wilmot Hills distillery, a fudge factory, olive groves and farm visits where you can meet the makers, and see how some of the world’s finest produce is created.

Indulge in the finest berries and fruits, meats straight from the paddock to plate, truffles sought in the world’s finest restaurants, desserts, chocolate Guinness cake and hearty pies. You can also get a taste of local produce at the cafes, bakeries and restaurants of Kentish then visit some of the producers to buy more.

Some of the finest home-made local produce can be bought at local markets. Look out for dates for the Railton Market (every Saturday), Sheffield market (every month), Wilmot market (every month) and Claude Rd market (every three months).