Kentish Museum

The Museum is closed for the short term, however, Council can arrange access to family history information by appointment. You can also contact the Devonport Library (6478 4230) and the Tasmanian Family History Society Mersey Branch (6426 2257) for assistance.

The Kentish Museum displays include everyday house and farm items back to the 1800s. The world's first coin-operated petrol pump; significant artifacts such as the Weindorfer collection and a Boer War canon, to name a few. The collection is 99.9% from the Kentish district.

Kentish Museum offers a genealogy service that enables visitors the opportunity to trace their family history. The museum has access to state, national and international records and a collection of local marriage, birth, death and baptism records from churches. There is a small hourly fee for this service. Over the years, Barb Wells has solved many family mysteries. In one case, the mystery lasted over 80 years with a family discovering an inter-family adoption. The family was overjoyed with the result. People are surprised to find out information they were unaware of. Perhaps a convict they had not been told about or a brother or sister that may have died young. Many hundreds of descendants from our early pioneers have come from all over the world to find pieces of their family puzzles.

The Museum features items from every day life such as clothing, household appliances, wall phones and farm equipment from the late 1800s. The first change-giving automatic petrol pump ever to be invented takes pride of place in the Kentish Museum because the inventor came from Sheffield. The intriguing story of how this machine came on to the world stage is one of missed opportunity. The Goliath Portland Cement Company at Railton started its journey in the 1920's. Throughout it's history, the company has produced the highest quality cement available in the world. This cement has been used in both large and small building projects within Australia, including Sydney Harbour Bridge. Historical machinery from the Goliath Portland Cement Company can be found at the Kentish Museum.

Entry to the Museum is by donation.


93 Main St, Sheffield TAS 7306