Lake Barrington

Lake Barrington, is the site of a world-standard rowing course and in 1990 World Rowing Championships was held. Other events include the annual Tasmanian Independent School's Head of the River rowing regatta and has been the site for several Australian Rowing Championships since 1984.

Lake Barrington is a popular venue for a variety of activities including: rowing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, fishing, camping, picnicking and sightseeing andis recognised as a significant recreational asset as a venue for State, National and International sporting events, particularly rowing, kayaking and water-skiing.

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Due to the mix of topography and land tenure surrounding the Lake recreational access to the Lake and its shoreline is restricted to a limited number of sites with the three key sites being the Kentish Park, Lake Barrington Park and the Rowing Course at Weeks Flat.

Kentish Park and Lake Barrington Park are situated on opposite shores of the northern end of Lake Barrington.

Kentish Park is located on the eastern shore, approximately 12 kilometers from the town of Sheffield and Lake Barrington Park is situated on the western shore approximately 4 kilometers from Wilmot. These two sites are popular sites for day visitors and campers who enjoy picnicking, sightseeing and are often used as a base for activities on the lake.

Since its construction as water storage for the generation of electricity in 1969, Lake Barrington has developed as a focus for water and nature-based recreation in northwest Tasmania. The Lake forms part of the Mersey-Forth run-of-rivers hydro power scheme that comprises seven water storage/lakes and four rivers. The Lake is also a valuable source of drinking water for the North West Coast of Tasmania.