O'Neill's Creek Nature Trail

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O'Neill's Creek Nature Trail is an easy 15 minute walk (approximately 700 metres to O'Neill's Road) and leads to the start of the Mt Roland Regional Reserve walking tracks. You can access the trail from the C136 at the O'Neill's Creek Picnic Reserve. Spectacular Mt. Roland forms the backdrop to the Mt. Roland Regional Reserve east of O'Neill's Creek Picnic Reserve.  You will find White Gum eucalypts, Blackwood trees, Browntop Stringybarks, Myrtle trees, Sassafras trees, tree ferns and Dogwood trees.

O'Neill's Creek originates from rain water from the watersheds off the western face of Mt Roland and Mt Van Dyke. Water from O'Neill's Creek flows into the Dasher River and eventually into the Mersey River. O'Neill's Creek is host to the iridescent dragonfly, frogs, yabbies, freshwater crayfish and platypus.


There is logging evidence from a bygone era. You may encounter tree stumps with notches cut out of them for holding boards that were used for axemen or sawyers to stand on whilst felling trees. Bullock teams or draught horses were used to skid out the logs.